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We develop customised approaches to reducing H&S risks (that is, risk of injury and/or illness, and non-compliance with H&S laws) by establishing H&S processes that meet newest management standards (e.g. ISO 45001 OHSMS) and H&S legislative requirements.

We establish H&S risk management frameworks that incorporate strong governance and H&S management planning processes that integrate with sound business practices and assess a company’s H&S performance and processes before developing a road map to drive improved business performance through reducing H&S risks.
We focus on strong governance performance linked to and aligned with business planning, operational and risk management processes to enhance compliance and reduce injury and illness risks.

Consulting Services

Occupational Health & Safety Consultancy services add value to your organisation’s Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) requirements through effective and efficient partnerships.


Occupational Health & Safety Consultants deliver a range of consulting services:

  • OHS Management System Audit / Gap Analysis
  • OHS Management System Design
  • OHS Policy & Procedure – review, update & develop Risk Assessment
  • OHS Workplace Inspection and Validation
  • Implementation of OHS recommendations
  • Review & create Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements.

Health & Safety Auditing

Occupational Health & Safety workplace health and Safety Audits – gap analysis, auditing, site safety audits, project safety audits, contractor safety audits.

PretoriaSafety specializes in compliance and management solutions for organizations of all sizes, covering all industries. We can help any business with general safety audits, site safety audits, project audits, even contractor and supplier safety audits.  We can also help with all other compliance issues.

Cultural and Behaviour

Safety Auditing

We provide a comprehensive incident investigation and analysis service:


  • Investigators to support all steps of the investigation process
  • Incident investigation and analysis procedures
  • Root cause analysis
  • Training courses

Workplace Safety

Management Solutions

Managing occupational health and safety is not just about obeying the law and being socially responsible, it also makes very good business sense.  Organisations with excellent safety records have fewer lost workdays, better relations between management and employees, increased employee productivity and an enhanced reputation with all stakeholders.

Business Continuity Management Solutions

An event such as a fire, loss of power, IT failure, supplier failure, cyber or terrorist attack can be a significant occurrence in the life of any organisation, directly affecting its ability to fulfil its business objectives.

Popi Act Compliance

The commencement of certain sections of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPIA or POPI Act) took effect on 1 July 2020. A grace period of 12 months from this date was given to comply with the Act – therefore all entities must be fully compliant with the provisions of the POPI Act by 1 July 2021.

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Business Risk Management

Managing risk is becoming more complex and demanding than ever before.

Health & Safety

We help to reduce H&S risk by establishing H&S processes to meet management standards.

Property Risk Management

We conduct Property Risk Assessments (PRAs) of commercial, industrial and retail sites.

Other Services

We develop customised approaches to reducing H&S risks.