Health & Safety Management

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Health & Safety Management

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Expert Witness

Expert Witness Service

Several of our Consultants have experience with providing an impartial and expert opinion relating to Health and Safety matters.

After a review of the case, we are proficient in the process of legal privilege and use rigorous internal processes to maintain the confidentiality of trusted information.

    We can provide the following services:


    Opinion evidence in the proceeding relating to Health & Safety; or


    To express an opinion that might be used for mediation or dispute resolution purposes relating to Health and Safety,

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    Business Risk Management

    Managing risk is becoming more complex and demanding than ever before.

    Health & Safety

    We help to reduce H&S risk by establishing H&S processes to meet management standards.

    Property Risk Management

    We conduct Property Risk Assessments (PRAs) of commercial, industrial and retail sites.

    Other Services

    We develop customised approaches to reducing H&S risks.