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Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd was establish in April 2020 under 100% subsidiary control of RiskCom S.A. (Pty) Ltd that was founded in October 1994 with the core purpose to do training in Occupational Health and Safety related subjects, other services included Health and Safety Consultation, Health and Safety Management System development and implementation and Compliance Auditing.

In 2005 RiskCom S.A. (Pty) Ltd registered with the HWSeta and started with the accreditation of skills programs.

RiskCom S.A.’s Directors, consultants and training facilitators amongst themselves have accumulated more than 75 years of experience in the field of training and development.

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd as an full 100% subsidiary of the Holding company RiskCom S.A. (Pty) Ltd currently holds a Health and Welfare SETA Accreditation (No. HW592PA05000120) is accredited by the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Organisations) under Accreditation No. QCTOSDP00180816-1263 and registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a FET College and such have the right to operate in full under this licence.

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd is based in Pretoria (Gauteng) and operates in the following regions:


Pretoria to Zeerust - North West Province


Pretoria to Mokopane (Potgietersrus) – Limpopo Province


Pretoria to Maputo border (whole Mpumalanga province)

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd as Consultants are well established in the Construction building environment and can assist Contractors with any of the SHE implementation requirements as stipulated in the Construction Regulations 2014.

RiskCom S.A

The company is wholly controlled and managed by the Holding company RiskCom S.A. a competent team with significant years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety in such various aspects as:




















Health Environment

Our edge is our expertise, quality of products and ability to promote as well as enhance the development and performance in any of these environments.

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd under full control of RiskCom S.A. (Pty) Ltd holds a Health and Welfare SETA Accreditation (No. HW592PA05000120) and is geared to present competency training to its clients based on their unique needs.

Health and Safety practices in South Africa are becoming increasingly imperative because of legislative dictates and international standardisation. A number of local and international studies have shown a positive correlation between enlightened health and safety management practices in the workplace and favourable business outcomes.

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd provide products and services on an outcomes based manner, in other words we focus on needs and provide our cliental with the sufficient resources that is understandable and cost effective to meet needs. Pretoriasafety(Pty) Ltd is flexible in product supply and service rendering, so we can supply a product or/service according to your specification and requirements.

Our Vision

Pretoriasafety (Pty) recognizes each individual’s right to education and training and are committed to the enhancement, upliftment and the continuous improvement of the quality of our educational products and services with the aim to serve the learner.

Our Mission

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd has a mission (objective) to provide the highest quality, most cost effective education and training to all learners wishing to achieve unit standards registered and aligned with SAQA and full professional services and consulting to client in risk needs and training.

Our Values

Pretoriasafety (Pty) Ltd agree fully to all values and principles reflected within the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework and will conduct itself in a manner that reflects:

  • Commitment to learners, staff associates and clients.
  • Commitment to all SAQA and SETA prescribed principles.
  • Commitment to quality education and training

Why Pretoriasafety

Identifying, assessing and managing Risk

We provide a comprehensive service for identifying, assessing and managing risks to businesses, industries and public sectors.

Manage conflicting requirements

We bring together different functions in an organisation to help manage conflicting requirements and find the optimum way forward.

Minimise loss and comply to legislation

Drawing upon our technical, managerial and commercial skills, we help our clients to minimise loss, protect their corporate reputation and comply with legislation and company standards.

Manage all risk

Helping clients to manage health, safety, security, environmental (HSSE) and business risk is our core focus.

Find Solutions for risk

We are totally committed to working with our clients and stakeholders to arrive at pragmatic solutions, with a level of effort proportionate to risk.

Help identifying and prioritising issues

We endeavour to make use of existing information and promote engagement with operational personnel to help identify and prioritise issues.

We attend to details

We take a fresh view of the big picture, as well as paying attention to the details.

We provide impartial advice

We are free to take a truly independent view and provide impartial advice.

Collaborate client relationships

We are committed to developing open and collaborative client relationships and aim to be the long-term partner of choice.

We share our Knowledge

We have a culture of sharing our knowledge with clients, through meetings, presentations, reports, tools and training.

We identify potential issues

We openly identify potential issues to enable an objective and comprehensive assessment to be made.

We have access to a large range of training

As part of RiskCom S.A Group, we have access to a large range of training syllabuses’ and E-Training accredited by SAQA and SETA as high quality training service provider.

What differentiates us

We strongly believe the following key factors differentiate us in the marketplace:

Our Values and Culture

The key values underpinning our culture are Teamwork, Integrity, Empowerment and Solutions. We work collaboratively, both within Pretoriasafety and when working with clients. We act with honesty, integrity and consistently high ethical standards. We empower everyone to deliver all aspects of a project to the best of their ability in a supportive, open and trusting environment. We are responsive and flexible to our clients’ needs, delivering complete and pragmatic solutions.

Our Approach

We are committed to providing clients with solutions, built on a sound understanding of their business and the issues they face. Throughout a project we work with our clients to ensure ownership of the solution. We believe this philosophy leads to mutually trusting relationships. We highlight the positives, but also do not shy away from identifying weaknesses. In this way we help clients to objectively understand their risks and the quality of their systems for managing them.

Our Independence

Our independence is achieved through our selected range of services, our company values and our legal structure. Our services are independent from design, construction and operations, and as such we offer truly impartial advice. Integrity is a core company value, which means we are open about difficult issues.



Client Satisfaction

Ultimately it is our clients who decide how well we are doing and we place great emphasis on their feedback. Consequently twice a year we survey the clients of all our active projects and we are delighted to receive consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. This feedback drives continuous improvement across the business.

Message from the MD

At Pretoriasafety, Risk management solutions and Health and Safety training are our company passion, in fact, it is our DNA. It’s Innate to how we do business in consulting and training to establish every business internal and external Risk factors, to be the company of choice when it comes to Risk Solutions and supplying of health and safety training.

We maintain our professional services to all sectors and businesses, focused on the business Risk and the training gap and needs, maintaining continuous high ethical and safety standards in the company.

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Business Risk Management

Managing risk is becoming more complex and demanding than ever before.

Health & Safety

We help to reduce H&S risk by establishing H&S processes to meet management standards.

Property Risk Management

We conduct Property Risk Assessments (PRAs) of commercial, industrial and retail sites.

Other Services

We develop customised approaches to reducing H&S risks.