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Business Continuity Management Solutions.

An event such as a fire, loss of power, IT failure, supplier failure, cyber or terrorist attack can be a significant occurrence in the life of any organisation, directly affecting its ability to fulfil its business objectives.

Pretoriasafety provides an extensive range of Business Continuity Management (BCM) services to ensure that critical business activities, systems and processes can continue in the event of a major incident.

Our consultants have extensive experience in:


Threat identification


Business impact assessment and risk analysis


Developing business continuity strategies


Documenting business continuity plans


Developing and documenting business continuity management systems


Business continuity plan (BCP) auditing and pre-certification audits


Facilitating tests and exercises of plans

We work with our clients to ensure that ownership for managing identified risks is firmly embedded within the client organisation.

The Business Continuity Process

Business Continuity Process

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