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Cultural and Behaviour Safety Auditing

Incident investigation and analysis

Organisations investigate business upsets because they are required to by law or their own company standards, or the public or shareholders expect it. But, whatever the motivation, the goal is to identify why the incident happened and to take action to reduce the risk of future incidents.

Investigations often find that similar scenarios have occurred previously but, for a variety of reasons, did not result in serious consequences. This is increasingly recognised in high-hazard industries where ‘near misses’ are also investigated as well as incidents which actually resulted in loss.

We provide a comprehensive incident investigation and analysis service:


Investigators to support all steps of the investigation process


Incident investigation and analysis procedures


Root cause analysis


Training courses

Our consultants are fully trained and experienced in the investigation process, including interviewing techniques and a range of root cause analysis methods, to ensure the effective identification of root and underlying causes, as well as the direct causes.

Investigation Process

Investigation Process

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