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Health and Safety Management System

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Health & Safety Management System

Our qualified and highly experienced consultants help companies improve business performance through lowering their health and safety (H&S) risks. There are significant benefits in having an effective H&S Management system such as:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to H&S in your organisation
  • Defining the principals by which H&S will be managed, including acceptable and unacceptable behaviours
  • Creation of formal processes to support the collection of information related to H&S
  • Allowing systems of safe work to be defined and communicated consistently


Approach to reducing risk

Ensuring you have a customised approach to reduce your risks such as injury, illness and non-compliance with H&S laws will be achieved by establishing H&S processes that meet newest management standards and H&S legislative requirements. We can help you to establish H&S risk management frameworks that incorporate strong governance and H&S management planning processes that integrate with sound business practices.

Assessing your H&S performance and processes and developing a road map to drive improved business performance by reducing H&S risks is a beneficial outcome to achieve. Our focus is on strong governance performance linked to and aligned with business planning, operational and risk management processes to enhance compliance and reduce injury and illness risk.

We work with executive and operational personnel that have responsibility for H&S and risk management systems as well as those responsible for the company’s production and governance processes to determine the extent of integration and alignment of H&S processes with business-critical processes.

Our Approach


Our approach shown below focuses on ensuring H&S management systems integrate and align with and support business processes to drive business improvement through minimising H&S risks. Additionally, we assist companies to ensure their business identifies and effectively control their critical risk i.e. risks of fatality.

Our Process

1. Establish the current state


Establish H & S Risks


Establish current policies, procedures and practices


Establish current risk management policies, procedures and practices


Establish H&S and risk governance processes


Establish current H&S performance

2. Evaluate the current state to identify gaps


Evaluate current H&S practices against laws, standards an good industry practice


Evaluate the extent of integration and alignment of processes

3. Roadmap for improvements


Develop recommendations to address the gaps


Prioritise the recommendations focussing on improving the management of critical risks, governance processes, integration and operational management


Establish action plans and processes to support their effectiveness

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